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Friday, February 22, 2008



I just found out about this through reading in a national newspaper and then only by chance.

As a resident in the area this suprises me. What was the publicity or was it intended to keep this a secret know only to a few?

Not really sure what the consultation element is in this. The newspaper indicated that I could vote but this is a blog and I was unable to find any voting mechanisms....

Uncle Frank, TCC

When the final choice has been made and the structure completed, will there be a budget for security and maintenance and if so where will the funding come from? Whose responsibility will that be?


Re: Adam's comment...
We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve only just come across news of the proposed Mersey Observatory. The Observatory has been widely publicised and many people have already made comments on the short listed designs – something we’re delighted about. The fact that you heard about the Observatory in a national newspaper demonstrates how widely it’s been publicised.

A few brief pointers for you:
· Public consultation began at the earliest possible stage – before there was even a formal project - with presentations to the local residents association.
· Three exhibitions of the five short listed designs have been running in different locations around Liverpool and Wirral throughout February.
· Comments on the designs have been welcomed from the start and will be passed on to the judging panel for consideration when a winning design is selected in March.
· The Observatory will sit in a fabulous location offering panoramic views, and will complement the nearby Another Place statues and proposed Sefton Water Centre.
· Almost 100 pieces of publicity have taken up the Observatory story. These include significant coverage in the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, an excellent series of the stories in the Crosby Herald, coverage in at least six other local papers, reports on BBC Radio Merseyside, many stories on websites, including the BBC news site, and coverage in architecture magazines.
· In addition, the story has been on regional TV at least nine times since December.

As you can see, the story in the Guardian was only the latest publicity (just to clarify, the Guardian got a bit confused over ‘votes’. Everyone is welcome to put forward their comments, but this is not the same as casting a vote – the expert judging panel will make the final decision).

The point, of course, is that the Observatory is something local people will have to live with. So it’s vitally important that they not just know about it, but also have a chance to comment on it. That, after all, is why it’s on this blog.

You can add your feedback by leaving a comment on this blog, by emailing it to directly to or by visiting the exhibitions today (28th Feb) or tomorrow (29th Feb) at Crosby library, Seacombe Ferry Terminal or the Renew Rooms at 82 Wood Street, Liverpool city centre – all the exhibitions have comment cards that you can fill in and post into the collection boxes. All comments will be taken into account by the judging panel when they meet to select the winning design in mid-March. We will also be providing a blog about the judging day on here, with information about how the process happens, who’s involved, and feedback from the shortlisted teams once they have appeared before the judges.


Re: Uncle Frank's comment....

Once the decision is made, and the structure is built, there will be a special purpose vehicle established to own and operate the Observatory. It will be a not-for-profit body, and revenue generated by the Observatory will be fed straight back into its management, maintenance and security etc. The business plan that was created as part of the original feasibility study for the project included a significant element to cover the ongoing management and sustainability of the project. Hope that helps you.

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