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Friday, March 07, 2008



sounds a good debate, would have been good to attend. i just hope the jury picks the right scheme for the community, i am just praying we dont end up with the farrel & clark one or the vase and bowl, i may have to move to manchester if we do lol. Also hope this is not another "cloud" scheme


Its funny that you mention the cloud, something fancy that was never built …..i do hope ellis Williams or phos get it ..they had the most mature response to the site

Please make the best choice for our community and don’t be influenced by gimmicks…


exactly, Farrel & Clark is an ugly design, phos i could live with, studio 8 wouldn't be practical (if indeed it could work?) and Duggan Vase is just another whimsical "gimmick" which would not enhance the site or indeed the community, far to often do gimmicks get chosen like the "cloud". Lets think of the locals for a change, and how this will effect/benefit us, as we will have to live with this.


Thanks for your comments guys, the winner will be announced on 17th March, so watch out for your local press.


not long to go now, i cant wait to see, i hope the pier wins, i cant wait to walk up it. Just hope the jury dont make the wrong decision, i have spoken to many of my friends in the bootle and seaforth area and they to like the pier, they like the free aspect to the design, we all dont like the vase, one of my friends has labelled it as the "poo pot" lol


Haha, poo pot, very apt, kind of reflects the design hehe, iv heard worse about it though?


I am really really disappointed that this has happened, as I thought the panel would picked the most "funky" design they could a la "the cloud" when are the locals going to be thought about when selecting a design. This will attract people to visit once, presumably "the lamp" will have to charge to go up? the bowl with its cafe is on the ground? why will you want to pay to go up more than once? there is no point. I hope that is not built, as I predict this will be to expensive to achieve all the curves in glass and concrete for one, I am so frustrated with the selection. As for the supposed poll, as I have been regularly commenting on the Crosby herald website, there has been just over 2000 views of the blog on the forum page, how has there been 10,000 votes?? if I vote for something I always read the blog to go with, just to check what im voting on, surely this number must be higher, i feel that the competition had its winner after stage 1, as all of my friends and people i no did not vote for the vase/lamp/poo pot and don't like this! Rant Over.


Sorry you weren't happy with the winning design, Kieran. If you'd like more information about the Duggan Morris design, journalists from the main Merseyside papers were all due to meet and talk to the architects during the course of today, so if you read the local press you might be able to find answers to some of your concerns in the next few days.

In terms of the details of how the Observatory will operate, I think it's too early to say - at this stage it's a case of the architects developing their design to a more detailed level, and the rest of the team putting together the funding package that will make the project happen.

Thanks for your input on this blog - I always read the associated blogs if I see a poll too, but I don't think everyone does the same, evidently lots of people just click and vote!

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