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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Louise Nelson

I came on sunday and was sad to see there was very few people there. I planted some plants with my daughter as my son watched the rotavator. But for the half hour we were there I must say was very quite, I was expecting alot more people to be there and get stuck into their community.

Izzy Rutter

Hi Louise, firstly thanks for coming to the event on Sunday, it was lovely to see you and I'm glad the children enjoyed the planting. You are right, it was fairly quiet early on, but once everyone had finished their Sunday dinner we actually had nearly 100 people altogether and planted all the cowslips that Doug had brought.

Lots of people also joined in the Radio Stoke phone in, and the willow weavers were very busy teaching everyone how to make stars, boats and all sorts of other things - have a look at Monday's report on the event to see some pictures.

James and I are planning to have another event in November when it is National Tree Week, and I hope you'll be able to come to that - contact me at if you'd like to be kept up to date with activities and events

See you soon

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